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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)
and what does it involve?

The first thing to be aware of is that TRT involves putting external, synthetic testosterone into your body. This exogenous testosterone is introduced into your body in one of three ways: through injections, patches or the application of a gel. These application methods all have their own risks and possible side effects which we won’t go into here, but you can read about them in our special FREE report:

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Eurycoma longifolia, the only herb contained in Andro400 is different from TRT in that it doesn’t put any testosterone (whether synthetic or natural) into your body from the outside. Because of the way it works naturally, there are no negative side effects.

The natural herbs in Andro400 have been used by hundreds of thousands of people with no adverse or dangerous side effects.

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Speaking of side effects, any time you put something unnatural into your body -- you guessed it -- you can have adverse or even dangerous side effects. This is true of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and some of the side effects are real bone-crushers to say the least! Check them out below:

liver toxicity

fluid retention which may cause swelling in ankles or lower legs

enlargement of the prostate (BHP) may cause urination problems

shrinkage and atrophy of the testicles

loss of hair/baldness

body odor

acne and/or oily skin

breast growth or tenderness

sleep apnea (a serious sleep disorder)

decreased sperm count and infertility

increase in the number of red blood cells which may lead to: heart attacks, strokes or peripheral clotting in the veins!

Hmmm . . . with side effects like those, you might want to think long and hard before signing up for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Seems like the cure may actually be worse than the disease! (For sure, TRT is not something you want to take lightly.)

As a very safe and inexpensive alternative, why not try Andro400 which contains the natural herb Eurycoma longifolia which has been researched and proven effective -- not to mention it has been successfully used by hundreds of thousands of people in Asia with no adverse side effects.

How Andro400 is
Changing Lives:

Replaced Testosterone Therapy

“I’d been going to the doctor for testosterone therapy but didn’t like the side effects I got of nausea and headache. Ordered Andro400 after hearing about it on ESPN and found out it really works! Went back to my doctor for a check up and he was impressed with my results, until I told him about your product. He may not believe in it, but I'm living proof it works! Thanks!”
-- J. S. Mancuso - Seattle, WA

Stronger, More Energy, No Side Effects

“I’ve tried a number of other products, some prescription but they either didn’t work or had potentially serious side effects. With Andro400 I feel stronger and have a lot more energy, without any worry of side effects. And at night with my wife I know I have no problems in that department any more either.”
-- K. Rykowski - Dallas, TX

Really Works, Much Less Expensive than Doctor

“I had an appointment with my doctor when I heard your ad. I was intrigued about an herbal product that could possibly help my problem. I’ve been on Andro 400 about 2 weeks and can state without reservation, it really works and is much less expensive than my doctor!”
-- Dan Gershon - Orange County, CA

Dr. Can’t Understand Why His Testosterone Is So High

“My doctor ordered a full blood work-up and said everything was fine, but couldn’t understand why my testosterone level was so high for a 48 year old man. What he didn’t know was that I had been taking Andro 400 for 3 weeks prior to the test! That, coupled with diminished fatigue and a definite increase in my energy level, has sold me on Andro 400!”
-- Bob Santini, Sarasota, Florida