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Here are 17 questions this vital report will answer:

1. What are the signs and symptoms of a testosterone deficiency?

2. Is there a direct relationship between low testosterone and accelerated aging?

3. What do scientific and clinical studies show us about low testosterone?

4. Are there any serious health risks linked to low testosterone levels?

5. Besides normal aging, what are the causes of decreased testosterone?

6. Why are so many middle-aged men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

7. Can low testosterone levels affect your mood and cognitive abilities?

8. Is there a relationship between low testosterone and cardiovascular disease?

9. Are decreased testosterone levels related to weight gain, insulin resistance and diabetes?

10. Are there clinical studies showing that increasing testosterone can slow down or reverse aging and its related diseases?

11. What is “free testosterone” and why is it important?

12. Is there a safe way to reduce “bound testosterone” and increase free testosterone?

13. What are the medical options for increasing testosterone?

14. Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy safe?

15. Are there any adverse or dangerous side effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

16. What is the safest way to raise your testosterone without negative side effects?

17. Is there any scientific evidence that an Asian herb can cause your body to safely produce more of its own testosterone without adverse side effects?

Men’s Health News
from Medical News Today Study identifies five different types of prostate cancer

For the first time, scientists have discovered prostate cancer can be categorized into five different types, each with its own genetic fingerprint.

Improvement in the quality of VMMC made possible through the continuous quality improvement approach

The continuous quality improvement approach was introduced on a pilot basis to 30 sites across UgandaThe continuous quality improvement (CQI) approach was introduced on a pilot basis to 30 sites...

NUS team discovers novel way of protecting male reproductive cells and hails new approach to address

Study demonstrated a potential avenue to protect male germ cells against heat stress by applying an external source of hydrogen sulphideA team of researchers from the National University of...

Large rise in suicide among male patients in mental health care

There has been a 29% rise in suicide since 2006 among men under the care of mental health services in the UK, a report by The University of Manchester's National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide...

New dads put on weight, while childless men lose weight

Men put on an additional weight of 3.5-4.5 lb on average after becoming a father, finds a new study published in the American Journal of Men's Health.

Men Who Can't Produce Sperm Face Increased Cancer Risk, Stanford-Led Study Finds

Men who are diagnosed as azoospermic - infertile because of an absence of sperm in their ejaculate - are more prone to developing cancer than the general population, a study led by a Stanford University School of Medicine urologist has found. And a diagnosis of azoospermia before age 30 carries an eight-fold cancer risk, the study says...

Low Sperm Linked To Cancer Risk

Men who have no sperm have a higher risk of developing cancer than other males, researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine reported in Fertility and Sterility (June 20th, 2013 issue). When a man has no measurable level of sperm in his semen he has azoospermia, he is azoospermic...

Testosterone Replacement Improves Pain Perception And Tolerance In Men With Low Testosterone

Testosterone therapy is associated with decreased pain perception in men with low testosterone levels related to opioid (narcotic) pain relievers (analgesics), a new study finds. The results were presented at The Endocrine Society's 95th Annual Meeting in San Francisco...

Genes Of The Y Chromosome Identified Which Could Be Responsible For Its Association With Coronary Artery Disease

University of Leicester scientists have discovered a potential genetic contributor to the increased risk of heart disease among men. A team of researchers including clinicians and scientists have made an important step forward in search of the mechanisms underlying increased risk of coronary artery disease in men who carry a particular type of the Y chromosome (haplogroup I)...

Survey Reveals Male On Male Consensual Sex And Sexual Assault Common In South Africa

A survey of adult South African men published in this week's PLOS Medicine, shows that while overlapping sexual relationships with women appear to be common, roughly one in 20 men reported consensual sexual contact with a man, approximately one in ten reported being sexually assaulted by another man, and around 3% reported perpetrating such an assault...

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